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Server ALDAHYA TV IPTV World integrated Entertainment

- Live TV Channels To All Countries of The World - More Than ( 5300 ) Arab And international Channels.

ALDAHYA TV IPTV Server includes All The World Packages, The Latest Series And Films.

* Folders That Collect World Packages And a Special Folder For Children's Channels.

- Number of LIVE TV Channels, All Packages are 5260 Channels, and can be increased.

* Channels Pool All Arab Countries - Asian Countries - The Whole European Union - North And South America.

- VOD Library of Films From The Latest Arabic And international Films With Subtitles.

* Folders 4K - 3D - Dubbed Anime - Subtitled Anime- old and modern Arabic Movies - Localized international Movies,

Films Library Arabic - Turkish - Indian - German - French Films.

- A library of Series of The latest Arabic and international Series Translated.

* Folders Old And Modern Arabic Series, Translated, Turkish, Foreign, Dubbed French.

The Subscription Works on The Following Devices:-

* It Works on All Android Devices, TV Box.

* Works on All Google TV Devices - Fire Stick APK.

* Works on Mobile Devices And Tablets Android System APK.

* Works on Apple and iPad Devices With All Their Models.

* Works on All SMART TV and Android TV.

* It Works at Speed Starting From 3MG internet in All Countries of The World.

Another ALDAHYA TV App

- Recording Feature is Available For Channels.

1 - Multi Screen.

2 - You Can Add an Operator.

3 - Supports All Languages.

4 - Professional Recording of Channels.

5 - New Generation Gesign.

6 - Continuous Updates 24/7

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